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Savings management app

1.69 usd

This is a savings management app ad-free.Even though the savings "travel", "car", "gift", there will be many such as "minute of food that was put up today!"The app is for those who wish to separate such savings by type.Also I am playing the role of as household accounts.
Goal date, it is possible to determine the target date, and they keep the daily motivation us to calculate automatically the savings amount and the number of days remaining per day.
Also, leaving the log when it is the "deposit" and "withdrawal", etc. You can be always sure when was it what to death. The log management because it also attached memo function I think that it is easy.
Through the press the log length, and can be removed when you registered by mistake by any chance because it is also possible that you want to delete.
In this way it is savings management is easy app to.